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Culture in Flores.

Viky 2Komodo and Flores Tour “by Gong Komodo Tour
It’s the people that help make Flores a dazzling gem. The uniqueness of Flores lies in the its amazing wealth of cultures, language, and history. One of the explanation for the great variety of cultures lies in the island’s, Mountainous, terrain, which hindered access to the interior of the island thus limiting communication between single communities and thereby preserving long standing local indigenous traditions.

One of the remarkable cultural traits on Flores is the large number of local languages and dialects spoken by the Florenese who belong largely to the major ethno linguistic groups of Manggarai, Ngada, Nagekeo, Ende, Lio, sika and lamaholot. Part of the Austro-Polynesian family ,the languages of Flores contribute to its rich historical ,cultural, and traditional values, which are passed from one generation to anther thorough the songs sung from the ancient times by the adat or traditional elders. Flores cultural richness is impressive and it is definitely worth getting off the main tourist route to explore its appealing attractions. The Florenesse still perform sacred rituals such as :Penti, a celebration of the harvest season and new hope in Manggarai. Reba, a week long traditional new year festival for the farming season in Ngada Regency, and gren mahe , a ritual for thanks giving and universal balance performed by the tana ai clan in kringa. You can experience sanda ,an all night singing and dancing circle as well as martial arts, which are an intraparty of every adat ceremony.

The western and central regions of Flores are famous for Caci, the wll known whip fight ,and sagi, the exiting traditional boxing from Ngada. Flores is a journey filled with endless attraction. Bena and newly introduce Belarghi, are two of the larger villages which are most celebrated for their divine history and traditional cultural values, which are richly carved on the walls of their impressive traditional homes. Being agriculturalist ,the Florenese still apply unique agricultural land tenure division displayed by the linko of Cancar,which are parcels of land making a stunning spider-web shape.

Celebrate Flores fascinating past and present way of life thought ikat, an intricate craft of traditional hand weaving found in every corner of Flores. The time consuming process and the intricate patterns make ikat more art than just a piece of cloth. Watublapi is on of the place well know for its remarkable ikat, which has glorious colors created with organic dyes. Equally enchanting is the ikat from lewoklouk, which unlike others is produced by weavers who interweave shells into the cotton threads creating a handsome and unique form of Ikat patterns.
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