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Nature untouched Wilderness In Flores

sawah di RutengBreathtaking is the perfect word to describe Flores’ natural wonders that are abundant along its narrow mainland. Named the cape of Flowers by  the Portuguese, it is the perfect place for nature lovers who will be mesmerized by its alluring scenery. Flores offers everything, including white-sand beaches, deserted islands, undulating landscapes with beautiful rice fields interspersed with volcanic mountains. Come   and experience the unspoiled natural beauty for which Flores is renowned.   Truly a hidden paradise, Flores  promises indulgence with pristine beaches of Rii Taa, Pemana Besar,and Kecil Island, Pangabatang, Babi Island, In the east.

Take a leisurely stroll through beautiful rice fields on the gentle slopes of Tengkulese’s hilly landscape. Flores’
treasured waterfalls, Cunca Rami and Cunca Wulang in west Manggarai, are admired for their magnificence. Murusobe, the twin waterfall, and Liwulegur in Sikka of Eastern Flores, are also must see attractions. Flores’ distinct rugged landscape with its complex V-shaped valleys an knife- edged ridges formed by an impressive volcanic mountain range which spans is length. Fourteen of the volcanoes are still active, Poco Ranaka in West Flores being one of them. Others, like the famous Mount Kelimutu in Ende and Ranamese, are extinct but nonetheless impressive with their crater lakes and calderas surrounded by dense rain forest.

Abound with complex mangroves and old growth rain forests, Flores is home to a diverse variety of tropical flora and fauna. The vast rain forest area of Mount Ndeki is home to rare endemic bird species including Loriculus flosculu, the Hanging parrot, and Otus Alfredi, Flores Scops Owl.  Gunung inrie bejawaMount Mbeliling’s green woodland is home to Monarcha Sacerdotum, the Flores Monarch, and Loriculus flosculus, Wallace’s Hanging Parrot. The isolated  forest of Wae Rebo – one of the most biologically rich habitats in Indonesia –and the outback fauna, such as pachycepala nudigula nudigula, the Bare-throated whistler, and rare flora, such as Begonia Kelimutuensis, Rhododendron renschianum, and vaccinium varingiaefolium.

Exotic plants and orchids, the mimicry of insects, reptiles, and the chorus of birds are nature’s delightful lullabieas that keep wildlife lovers always coming back to the lush, unspoiled wilderness of Flores.

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