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Padar Island tour

Padar Island Tour

Padar Island Tour – Well, the world has already admitted that the Komodo islands is the only one place an ancient animal habitat, Komodo. The uniqueness of last dinosaur has a charm of its own in place. However,  since 4 last years ago they have other unique thing and become to high-light in social media. Yup, Padar Island. Just try type “#pulaupadar” on instagram or twitter, there must be tens of thousands  photos will appear on the your smartphone screen. The Padar Island has become a new icon. The traveler who visited dragons island will feel there is something missing if you don’t take pictures on the hill of the padar island with Gong Komodo Tour

Padar Island tour

Padar Island Tour Package

The located Padar Island is between Komodo and Rinca island. The famous spot located on the hill of the island, with the overall landscape of the island, the beach and the blue ocean make anyone definitely fall in love at first sight. To reach the hill, you must first trekking for around 30-45 minutes. Prepare  your mineral water because the track is enough to make you sweat. Anyway, as a traveler with responsible, please don’t litter. Then we have to suggest you that wear the sandals mountain or running shoes so you don’t slip on the track. And when you arrived on the top hill, it will be pay off.

The best time to explore is morning or evening time. Why? Because the sun getting warm,  so you can see the sun rise or sunset beautifully. And besides that during the daylight there are a lot of the high waves so many boats are don’t want to stop at the island.

So, what are you waiting for? Lets discover Indonesia with us.

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