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Padar Island tour

Pink Beach at Komodo National Park

What is the activity that we can do while visiting the islands of the Komodo National Park than to see the hometown of dragons animals? Okay, we can goes tracking up to the hill on the padar island or gili laba, then snorkeling to see the beauty of the underwater and we will definitely be visiting the one unique beach. They called Pink beach.

Named pink beach because the sand beaches have pink color with textured like pepper. The pink color from red coral reefs affected by ocean currents and broke into small grains then swept by the waves into shore. You may also directly snorkeling to see coral reefs, but don’t touch because the coral could be damaged even die by the touch of human hand. Besides that the pink sand is also not allowed to take home. So traveler, keep the beauty nature.

For your information the beach has pink sand there are only 5 place in the world, one of which is here in the islands of the Komodo, Indonesia. Cool, right? So when you visit here?


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